Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Daisy of Love 112


The final three are off to Mauii with Daisy. Mauii is somewhere in Hawaii where the natives dress like its 1786.

I know a girl who dances like that. She charges £5 per lap at Long Legs.

The three dudes get to share a suite. Naturally Flex Pack leave their scent on London’s bedding.

The Rat is here.

He wasn’t going to miss a free trip out of the valley.

Daisy’s written a letter to each of the boys and messenger Rat hands them over.

My letter says I have an anger problem.

Vh1 that. That’s 51 Minds.”

“‘Confidence is great. But playing it so cool isn’t

very exciting for me. The truth is I’m not

exactly sure how you feel about me.’”


London’s turn.

What does this say?

London’s semi-literate. Which explains his song writing skills.

The guys meet up with Daisy on the beach. This is Hawaii. Then it’s a dinner date. This is where the lads get to make their pitches to Daisy’s fragile ego.

You’re someone who makes a person

want to do better than they are.”

You what?

Jerry Maguire? Or some tripe.

To London: “You’re 30 years old and you

have no job.”

Hear hear Flex. I’m a firm believer in if you want a woman you have to be man enough.

I don’t think London is though.

Flex wears his emotions on his sleeve and

he doesn’t know how to react under pressure

and Daisy doesn’t need a guy who every time

she messes up gets all pissed at everything.”

To 12 Pack: “I just feel like I don’t know exactly

how you feel about me.”

Daisy just comes right out and says ‘how do you

feel about me?’ and that throws my entire strategy

for the whole night completely off because I

wanted to do that not in front of Flex and

London but when it was just an

eye-to-eye and a heart-to-heart.”

This is the first time I’ve seen 12 Pack act a

little nervous. I think all of us are. There’s

three of us. Someone’s got to go.”

Daisy tells them someone’s got to go in the morning.

The eliminations.

They’re at an airstrip. No need for a boarding pass.

London was a shoe-in but 12p? She dumped 12p?

The bitch.

The good news is the Vh1 montage they put together for Dave. It’s reminiscent of the one the Entertainer got on I Love Money 208. We’ll be seeing 12p again. On I Love Money. On his own show.

Can I Have a 12 Pack

Wanted – Preppie girls, stripper sluts, a token hood rat but no rocker chicks.

Co-starring Caliente!

To pick up the scraps.

Oh yeah. Daisy’s still got a show to finish.

Individual dates with Flex and London. Flex first.

It’s an all-nighter.

There are rose petals on the bed a horny stripper and enough booze to get you through it.

Now it’s time for London’s date.

Have you ever sat on a nag? It’s televisual but it aint romantic.

There are no more guys to eliminate. Daisy has to make her decision.

This middle aged man is well captured in the musing of Jane Austin.

Flex: “It’s like walking the green mile.”

Get on with it.

Lucky bastard.

This show is over.

It’s been three months during which I’ve had the support and readership of many. You’re too many to mention. So I’ll start with Trixie you angel, Lex I miss you, Ms Fullwood I love your work, Turkish Jen you inspiration. Hi GG, Travelling Cat and Katzchen. I appreciate. What purpose does name dropping serve with no mention of Ricky Robot? So I’ll end there. My thanks to all who read this blog. Megan wants a millionaire. So read more Thrill Fiction.

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