Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I Love Money 209

Karma is a California Bitch

The Chinese have a proverb: A man need never revenge himself; the body of his enemy will be brought to his own door.

This week's MVP.

With the biggest ego in the house gone

The TMF are feeling pretty good about $250k. Time to fantasize about what you can spend it on.I'm having trouble with these screencaps.

Tailor Made takes stock before challenge and roll calls his alliance.
20p's evaluation of events is to call Tailor Made "a snake". Behind his back.

Is 20p the new leader now? Then bye bye OGs. It'll be like the G20 summit - where special interests massacre the earth.

Craig dissolved the teams last week and Cali confides her strategy.

"... slide right through this game and make it to the end."

Ingenious. For a moron.

"The person I want to see go home next is 20 Pack."

Strategic. By consensus 20p is the biggest physical threat.
Cali loses the challenge hands down. She's automatically in the box.

And the winner is

He's the new paymaster y'all.

Insert: It must have upset Saaphyri 'cos she targeted him during the challenge. The social equation is a man-beater and a self induced imbecile do not match.

Downtime back at the Vh1 crib. Tailor Made is not one to lay on his scaly belly. He intends to snake pit his seeds into the OG.

I think Saaphyri misunderstood him.

"Tailor Made is scared of me. And I guess it's kind of sexy."

"What kind of girls you like? Breasts like these or little ones."

Tailor Made has a (bad) history with dominant women.

he OGs aren't collectively stupid. They know Tailor Made is trying to turn Saaphyri. The commander-in-chief requests an audience. This is the face of the new OG leadership.20p is practically begging Saaphyri not to turn on him. She doesn't. She condems Cali as the blood sacrifice.


Cali gets a lifeline. Tailor Made wants 20p's head remember. He tells cali not to participate in the vault vote. Of the 9 players who will go to vault the OGs have 5 ie majority. If Cali abstains the vote is tied - stalemate. Tailor Made would get to choose the other 2 to goes in the box.

"The only way it wouldn't be gravy is if they were playing
us and their whole plan was just to have
Cali be their
sacrificial lamb and throw like two of y'all in the box

. .

"I don't think they're that - I don't think Cali's a complete idiot."

Guilt is fleeting.

The vault.

Cali's already in the box. Now who else?

20p? 4 votes.



"What is she doing?"

Pandemonium. Cali caught in the middle.
Craig takes charge. Again.

The starlets have voted. He calls in Tailor Made for the results.

Now the Tailor Made knows how it feels to be swerved.
After his Saaphyri-reprieve 20p goes about a new mission - save Cali. 20p is all GQ with no IQ but even he can deduce this game is about numbers.
Time for the power outing
where Tailor Made thinks the following procedures are a mere formality. So does It.

The social equation - Imbecility and gallantry are not neccesarily a match.

At the dinner Tailor Made gives
Cali a chance to talk.

"Cali's an idiot."

Therefore he gives her the 1on1. My take on this? Production executive decision. There's not a man in his right mind who would sit alone with a moron and listen to it babble.

The 20p plan goes along the lines of get rid of It and 20p and Cali will take Tailor Made to the final 3.

Note to viewer; if you're negotiating from a weak spot the only thing you have is your word. Bonez made a sort of similar offer to Frenchie in 207. Whose word carries more gravitas Bonez or Cali?

Bonez got voted off in 207.

Back at the mansion 20p takes the initiative. He groups his team and approaches tailor Made mob handed. It creates an impression: In individual challenges wouldn't it be nice to have the cock of the school onside?

The eliminations.

1st cheque goes to miss Myammee.

Tailor Made calls both It and Cali forward.

"Cali… I'm not going to void your cheque."

"Prancer is."

The Chinese have a proverb: A man need never revenge himself; the body of his enemy will be brought to his own door.

"She's like the dumbest girl ever to be on

Vh1's history of reality shows..."

"Right now I feel stupid and I regret it already."

Next week on I Love Money 2:

Disclaimer: This task is being held in Huatulco México for fun - not in Manchester England where bed hopping is a mandatory social skill.

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