Sunday, 15 March 2009

I♥$ Too (part 2)

We started with nineteen and now (episode 206) we're left with twelve. The Heat fizzled on his way out. He's gone home to his yaya and baba and wah-wah-wah. Perhaps he's gone back to the Party Boys - stripping. Alone. Because his partner in drinking and disrobing is on Daisy of Love.


Now known as TMF (as in Tailor Made & Friends). When the spineless stand up to the mindless the results should be hidden from children. Becky Buckwild wants to kill Tailor Made. 20 Pack (20p) spits on (the ground before) the Gold team and Saaphyri and Frank are seething. The reality TV lines are drawn (but not yet quartered). What hope for TMF?
Tailor Made The leader. Gulp(!) It was his idea to form a counter alliance but he couldn't lead a stripper to an ATM. With his mind but lack of spine (I♥NY 204) he should be the consigliere. Alas there's no one else to take the lead this could be their major problem. The OG's are united and focussed in their hatred. For him. If he can't lead TMF they'll likely abandon him to the OG furies while they're begging for mercy and $250k.

Prancer The best looking girl on the show did not get early eviction (unlike Survivor). She's in it to win. Roller girl with a plan. Hark; she arrives on set with no natural ally. The two other girls from FOL3 - Ice (ep 303) and Myammee (306) - got bamboozled on that show. By Prancer. Myammee especially plain does not like her. So instead of trying to latch onto a larger group Prancer best friends another solo – Cali. By 205 the twosome had engineered a swerve that put them in a power spot. By 206 Prancer swing voted the OG's into the box. So now that she's played her cards are her magic powers over? She's still got Cali.

Cali I thought she was brain dead in Real Chance of Love now I know she's brain dead. She hasn't made any power moves as yet because Prancer's doing the thinking for her. Someone has to. Sort of like a symbiotic relationship. Sort of like a leech. She's bumbled into a good position though because so long as the OG's don't know about her TMF card she's in with a shot. Until Prancer leaves. Saaphyri may well suspect them but she's too busy with her team trying to genocide Tailor Made. First to go after the 'merge'.

Myammee The best looking woman in the show. Yet overrated. Her meeting of minds with Prancer was cool her suggestion they keep it on the dl was cooler. Despite that her position is precarious. It's self induced. Myammee doesn't like Saaphyri: Jealous of her alpha-bitch spot. Once the OG queen realises this Myammee is in Florida. If she wants to stay in Mexico she's going to have to stay away from Ms Windsor.

Bonez Everybody's favourite nice guy because everybody thinks they'll finish better than him. He's not perceived as a threat to anyone because he's so nice. And skinny. Buddha stood up for him when T-weed got in his face. Who's going to stand up for him when Buckwild has a turn? A man with no game. You're on the wrong show Bonez. Give Seacrest a call. He's looking for momma's boys.

Ice or the Midwest Buckwild. Like her/don't like her Becky brings comedy. Ice brings orders at Hooters but nothing on TV. Her accent changes depending on who she's talking to. Check out 205 when she was scheming with Tailor Made. In the mangled words of Flavor Flav "Where the fuck did your accent go?" With her. Back to Chicago. Soon.

Which leave us with It. And his shtick. That dude's whole persona is a construct. And I like it. Do I think he's an idiot like New York does? Like Frank does? Last season it was episode 107 when Craig dissolved the teams. If It is still around next week he'll be in a position to flip the whole game. If he joins the TMF alliance it would make him their strongest physical player and potential/de facto leader. That would protect him in the vault and could take him to the top four. To win.

The idiot.

Next week on I♥$ Too

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