Friday, 20 March 2009

I♥$Too (part 3)

Due to the events depicted in I Love Money 207 Thrill Fiction will delay the forthcoming post I Love Money 3: The (Wish List) Cast until this weekend Saturday 21-03-09. What now follows is an examination of the Old Gold alliance before the broadcast of their impending fracture (episode 208).

Der Untergang

Bonez was voted off Monday night. The TMF alliance is being squeezed like orange juice. It's Survivor. Or Big Brother. With black people.

You know the expression 'too good to be true'. When everything is going swell why not muck it up for yourself? It's too good to be true.

With my pulse on self destruct.

The OG inevitable implosion airs next week. The fallout will prove more interesting. Saaphyri reminds me of the cock of the girl's school; the tough chick's undoing will be a boy. The unlikely It has sexed his way into her drawbridge.

Poor Baby. With her bluster she's never going to be able to keep the kind of man she wants. She will have to settle for the kind of man she despises. 'Tis the lament of many. However that remains to be seen in her married future. For now It is strategically straddling that pony.

Becky Buckwild and Saaphyri went to Charm School together and as the season progressed you could see a friendship bloom. Their bond looks to be tighter than reality TV but can it be tighter than $250 grand? If they continue this way by rights one of them should win the money.

The spanner in the works is Frank. The Entertainer still lives at home in his parent's basement getting bawled out by ma and being laughed at by pa. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But. At 31 years old it equates to lethargy.

Frank may well have the body of a stud and the charisma of a neighbourhood champion but he's got no ambition. Desire? Everybody wants something. Ambition? Not everybody wants to pay full price. Living underneath your parents is another way of copping out.

The Entertainer is going to screw himself (and the OG) because he's got the social maturity of a 6 year old. He's a spoilt brat. He's a bully. There's no one to stop him because sans Buddha Onix and T-Weed he has the body of a bull stud.

If Frank is the spanner in the works then Cali is the fly on the windscreen. She made her powerless move this week. She betrayed the girl who saved her.

Turning on your benefactor is an acceptable chess move in these types of shows - sometimes it's downright necessary – but Cali acted out of fear and cowardice. No strategy.

Saaphyri confronted her and she crumbled like The Republican Guard. I don't know why Frank has her back. Maybe he fancies her - he finds Buckwild attractive - but she is the neon sign of the OG demise. She's not worth it. The other OG members should see this and squeeze her. TMF rightly despise her. This coward will die a coward's death. No one will mourn.

An episode of I Love Money 2 approximately 45 mins sans commercials is filmed over 2 days. There's a lot of time that didn't make the edit. What we're shown is a snapshot – hardly enough to make an accurate impression - a manipulative edit (for the purposes of entertainment). Ergo it's hard to call 20p. He's front and centre but always behind Frank. He hasn't made any power moves and when given the opportunity he balked. 20p has shown the mental strength of an advanced Cali which in a civilised society would get him special parking privileges. He'd not overrated. He's just overstaying his welcome.

As for Frenchie she's shown she can negotiate the social aspects of this game by harassing a card carrying metrosexual. She's not a dark horse not even a French one but she will be essential to repairing the damage of the coming Frank-Saaphyri rift.

A rift that is a lifeline to TMF. Tailor Made is sharp enough to exploit it. It's his only chance to stay and win $¼million.

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