Saturday, 14 March 2009

What The French?!

If Daisy of Love got commissioned why the hell not Love A-Bomb? Or something with a lame title like For The Love of Ashley. Farrah can be exiled to Charm School Gives Back. Then promoted to I Love Money 3. She is the new Heather didn't you know?

When I$2 opened did anyone wonder where the French was 12 Pack? If The Entertainer and Heat were allowed to return why not the other Party Boy? He proved in season 1 he was an alpha-male (amongst reality TV starlets) and he had a boy-meets-stripper bang bang with Heather. I thought 51 Minds would reward him. But with Daisy de la Hoya? That silicone Barbie train wreck is a low reference point. Don't believe me? Look at CC or Bret or Charles. Or Heather.

As Romance told New York so TV history tells Daisy: 12 Pack is not looking for (Daisy of) love. There's a clothing line to promote. So if a New Jersey meathead didn't fancy a Noo Yawker how is he going to fancy a tattooed surgery-Frenched Cali fruit loop? We saw 12 Pack's taste pre Celebreality; that plain looking Jane on INY 107. That is 12 Pack's speed. Oh yeah he's a man. He'd bang a bus if it wore stilettos. He banged Heather. But they had lots to talk about. They're both strippers.

Point is We the Viewers know. 12 Pack isn't there for love. Thus the suspension of disbelief is broken. So soon after I mentioned it Vh1 and 51 Minds jump into lazyboy casting. They may well jump the shark but I don't want to jump the gun. The show is yet to air. It could be good. In a tattoo-trash sort of way.

Daisy of Love starts 26th April. Starring everyone's favourite French (fry) up Daisy de la Hoya.

And 12 Pack.

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