Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Big Brother 10 UK Day 24

Day 23

A kitchen is the hub of a family home but the hellmouth of a shared house. Sree’s doing the cooking and is liberal with the garlic. Cue a protracted argument.

Garlic can do that. The problem is Freddy bought it – he had to forgo biscuits to do so – for the whole house but thinks Sree is using too much.

Sree goes bananas. He flees to the bedroom for back up and specifically asks for Kris - the one guy who actively dislikes Freddy. Charlie goes along for effect.

As soon as it becomes clear where the problem is both Kris and Charlie agree with Freddy.

Freeze frame.

What they could have done but didn’t is pipe Sree down. As for Freddy, he was in the right but his tone is condescending. Having said that the lunatic Sree doesn’t realise what damage his epileptic fit is doing to him. His people – Kris more than others – are tiring of being asked to gang up on others.

Angel leaves and the house moves on.

BB drops the Friday night booze allocation. Sree and Lisa talk Noirin (and Marcus) while at the exact same time Marcus and Noirin talk Lisa (and Sree). Marcus is melting into a beautiful girl’s spell. Despite himself.

Sree goes into the diary room to whine about Noirin. It’s not often I feel sorry for the BB staff.

Day 24

Out in the garden Lisa leads the charge against Freddy.

Lisa: “100% he’s playing a game.”

Season 10 and people are still saying that?

It irks me when people accuse others – in this case Noirin re Freddy – of being intelligent. Why? Because he knows words of three syllables? Freddy hasn’t said an original thing since he got in the house.

Marcus, Rodrigo, Kris and Karly have all brought intellect to the table. Siavash, Lisa, Charlie and Sree work well with what they’ve got. Noirin and Sophie are fools. Freddy is an educated fool.

Lisa is resentful. Her plan to oust Angel worked but the blowback is Freddy’s still here. He’s getting too big for his boots she muses to her flock. It’s unfounded. It’s pure venom. It’s a signal for them to vote him next (this) week.

Freddy shares his thoughts in the diary room. He’s still racked with love jealousy over Sophie and Kris. Unfortunately for Freddy their’s is not a faux-mance ie fake for the cameras, theirs is a show-mance ie it won’t last beyond the house.

Unfortunately for Sophie.

Sree goes to Casanova Noirin in her bed. She drops a bomb in his lap.

Noirin: “I think sometimes people take advantage of you.”

Freeze frame.

He thought he was the (game) man.

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