Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Big Brother UK Day 22

The Angel grand larceny is the topic of discussion in the kitchen between Marcus and Rodrigo while in the bedroom everyone else is slagging her off in absentia for being a lying bastard.

Freddy the half-wit stands up for her.

Choose your battles Halfwit. Standing up for a liar and a thief doesn’t make you gallant. Lisa turns the screws.

Halfwit and Angel went to the diary room last night lament their nominations. Sophie ear wigged at the door and heard the Freddy summation; there are sheep, shepherds and individuals in the house. He and Angel got nominated because they are (intelligent) individuals.

Thanks to the privacy of the diary room guaranteed by Big Brother the whole house knows what he said. They’re taking it as an insult as well they should. Freddy the spineless halfwit tries to make out it’s a harmless metaphor. What he should be doing is raising hell with Big Brother for breaking the sanctity of their conversation.

Lisa: “I wouldn’t stick up for her too much Freddy. You’ll get yourself into trouble.”

That’s a warning. Or a terrorist threat.

Freddy clarifies his analogy to Siavash; the house started with two kinds of people – sheep and individuals. The individuals can be wolves, shepherds or loners. There are three wolves in this house: Sree – blatant wolf, Kris – a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Lisa – a wolf as a shepherd.

The sheep are Karly, Charlie and Sophie. Rodrigo was a sheep but is branching out as a loner. Noirin started off as a sheep but is now a full fledged loner. Of course Siavash is a loner as is Freddy himself. Marcus is a shepherd and Angel is a Billy goat.

Okay that last part’s mine.

Pretty interesting observation. Freddy is well educated and very articulate. That doesn’t make him intelligent.

Despite the fact that he lives with those people and I only see a few minutes of them per day on TV my observation differs. I have the advantage of seeing what he doesn’t.

Charlie is a wolf. Kris is a sheep but earns the wolf slur because he has the filly of Freddy’s dreams. With all his money and privilege Freddy will never be Kris and envy is to be trusted like the fox. Noirin is a sheep without a shepherd. Marcus is a shepherd without sheep and Karly is a loner.

Freddy thinks Lisa is part shepherd part wolf.

Clearly he fears her.

He says Marcus is sure she has a coding system to instruct her flock how to vote. I agree. It’s subtle. Like the conversation she had yesterday with Sree. Siavash and Marcus discuss Lisa. Marcus confirms the code.

That retard Davina attributes the Lisa coding system theory to Siavash.

Her racism is not so subtle.

Back in the house and Charlie literally douses Angel with cold water ‘as a joke’. Like I said. A wolf. And a bully. He made her cry. The girl is barely keeping it together after being nominated and Charlie goes and does that. Why not douse Noirin, Karly, Sophie or even Lisa?

They would bite back.

Charlie’s gay. So like George Michael his behaviour is okay.

Freddy is incensed but despite his best efforts he’s impotent because once more Lisa comes down on him like Class War Special Forces. He has every right to fear her.

I don’t buy Charlie’s apology. It’s for effect - it makes him look, well, apologetic. Later on he tells Rodrigo and Freddy that if Angel doesn’t accept his ‘sorry’ he’ll sod her off. That’s the Charlie I know is hiding behind the TV façade.

Interesting downtime; the hot girls are dressed saucy in bin liners and Lisa leads them in a rendition of Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’.

Sexist? Heterophobic?

The booze is in so a fuelled Sophie asks Freddy what his sheep analogy means.

Freddy talks himself into next week’s nominations.

Darkness descends at night time and Noirin turns into a raving bitch: a group are in the kitchen. Marcus is washing up as is his want. He chose this chore on entering the house ‘cos he can’t cook. Noirin decides Angel should wash up tonight ‘cos she never washes up. What’s the point? She did it once and made a pig’s ear of it.

Unheeded Noirin storms into the living room and asks Angel if she’ll wash up.

Rodrigo wants to know why. Its gone midnight and it could be Angel’s last night. The plates can wait while a morning. Cue shouting match with Noirin coming off as a brain empty shrew and Rodrigo as a considerate sensible lad who won’t be intimidated.

He hasn’t had a single nomination vote to date by the way. If Noirin votes for him next (this) week then spite is part of her make up too.

Rodrigo offers to wash the dishes. Noirin is adamant Angel should. Marcus finishes the washing up.

Noirin wanted an argument. A screech fest. With Angel. Thanks to Rodrigo she didn’t get one. There’s at least one person in that house who will stand up to a bully.

The experiment: dump a disparate group of people in a house. They won’t choose a leader but they will choose someone to pick on.

Day 23 – Elimination Day

Angel is also the public’s pick. She’s out.

The housemates must talk about past seasons but those conversations are not broadcast. In season one the Brummie was nominated so many times before the public got sick of her and voted her out.

Next (this) week’s nominations will be Sree Vs Freddy.

You’re not super. Freddy.
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