Thursday, 18 June 2009

Big Brother Uk Day 12

Day 12

Nominations day and everyone gets to backstab or front stab the people they don’t like.

At 35 Angel is one of the oldest people in the house. She’s also Russian which means her motivations cannot be judged by a British cultural yardstick.

She’s bonkers.

Angel fasting is the result of a throwaway threat by Noirin to starve herself out of ridicule. Ie the magic marker glasses and ‘tache she’s been forced to wear for two weeks. Angel’s response is to starve herself into ridicule.

A word on those glasses: Noirin’s the prettiest girl in the BB house. She’s probably better looking than the Endemol staff. Spite is their motivation. ‘Entertainment’ is their excuse.

You entertained yet?

Angel nominates Cairo. Or Cairon to give him his real name. She doesn’t think he’s worthy of her Soviet nuclear spirit. Likewise Siavash. I don’t care why she says she’s nominating them. It’s best strategy. Kill a twin and the other one dies.

Girls in Ireland don’t have sex the

way girls in England do.”

Which explains the Diaspora.

Cairon noms Sree – who else – and Angel. Clearly they’re not feeling each other. Charlie’s turn and he’s worse than last week. He whines and fidgets like he doesn’t want to until BB reminds him he’ll be up himself if he doesn’t.

In that case Freddy and Marcus get the push.

I can see Sophie at 40. Go to any posh northern pub and scan the fading beauties in their glittery bling. She wants Freddy gone plus Marcus for (not broadcasted) lewd comments.

Sree makes bacon butties for the power elite. He doesn’t cook the bacon. He’s fooling everyone but he aint fooling me. Every vegetarian, vegan and benefits recipient knows meat has to be cooked. It’s a ploy – don’t feel threatened by me. I’m clueless.

Freddy nominates Sree and Lisa. Karly chooses Freddy and Angel.

On of the things about reality TV is – for a bloke – you get to see women in otherwise unseen moments. Noirin is uncomfortable with Sree’s letchering yet she’s more uncomfortable putting him in his place.

Therein encapsulates the reason for the domination of the female of the species.

I’m disappointed with some of the lads – Marcus, Siavash. Surely they can see she’s upset and unable to cope. One of them at least should have a quiet word with the groper.

Kris nominates Freddy and Angel. Lisa’s choice is Marcus and Freddy. Marcus goes for Lisa and Freddy.

TFi Marcus and Lisa – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Noirin names Freddy and Cairon. She didn’t want to but… Out of all the people in the house? Rodrigo nominated Cairon and Freddy. Siavash nominated Charlie and Lisa.

That’s more like it Siavash. Lisa has stepped into Saffia’s shoes – albeit benevolently. She’s the leader of Kris Kross Charlie and the power player in the house.

Marcus sees this. Marcus does not like this.

Sree’s last one up. With the deciding vote he puts Cairon on the block. His second vote for Freddy is wasted but the reasons aren’t:

He’s a good lad. Come from good university.

And I appreciate for that. Oxford University

is not a silly university. I am also come form

a very good university Hertfordshire and

I’m the president of my union I have been

recently elected and I know how it works

in university. Majority of the people too much

education sometimes kill retardness in the brain.”

You know why people hate Manchester United football club? They’re jealous. You know why Sree hates Freddy? Hertfordshire isn’t even on the same application form as Oxford.

However Freddy got 9 noms of a possible 12.

You what?

Sree the sleaze has got the Dublin love bug. Inside the house he’s the object of ridicule.

If you know someone’s out of your league

you wouldn’t even bother would you?

Outside the house he’s the object of ridicule.

He just might win.

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