Thursday, 9 July 2009

Big Brother 10 UK Day 29

Man of the Match

Because he has the balls.

DAY 29

After passing the shopping task (I’m gobsmacked) next week’s food budget is a luxury £385 + £20 for alcohol. As per normal practise Siavash calls in Sree the calculus to do the sums. Marcus amongst others is already at work choosing the items.

Pitting Sree and Marcus in the same place and time equals deluded love rivals at war. Marcus mocks Sree’s accent. Sree intimates racism. Rodrigo backs him up.

Be aware; a foreigner with an accent is in a vulnerable position.

What was Marcus’ intent? To insult. To humiliate. As is the case when anyone mocks an accent be it scouse, brum, Geordie, cockney, jock, taffy. Mockery is rarely done with affection.

I believe the mockery was without racist intent.

The shopping list is over but not the argument. It boiling points in the garden. Sree’s an oil spill. The boy is pollution in that house.

Marcus: Let’s see if you’re so brave when we’re outside.

Sree: What you going to do to me outside? I will put you in a prison and you will eat the dog food for 10 years big time.

BB calls in Marcus. He denies his words were threatening.

Bulls hit.

BB then calls him up on imitating Sree’s accent. Marcus (rightly) blows up at them. This is Channel 4 who consistently mock black people’s ‘accents’ in the name of what they call ‘comedy’ and as a matter of course.

Be aware: the racist is a Channel 4 hypocrite.

They backtrack. A win for Marcus on that score.

It is a pyrrhic victory. C4/Endemol gives Marcus a formal warning for threatening behaviour (how does their warning system work? Is that a yellow card?). It doesn’t matter. From this point he has his cards marked by the editing process.

In the bedroom Freddy thinks Siavash has the gay ‘gene’.

You what?

Sexuality is determined by genes? I thought I fancied Kelly Rowland because she’s hot not because I’m programmed. Having said that now that she’s not selling records anymore I fancy Rhianna.

I need gene therapy.

Freddy the Halfwit is a delusional one. He thinks he’s ‘manly’, he believes in the gay gene and he’s a Tory.

Wait for the next election. Once his lot get in I’m looking for a country to claim asylum. Eire’s closer than London. They’ve also got hot chicks.

The vote is in and Sree’s out with a reported 85%.

My television feel like it’s been spring cleaned.

Channel 4 has lost their favourite so who are they going to back now?

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