Thursday, 16 July 2009

Daisy of Love 109

New York can’t get him out of her head so she has to bring him back.

This week’s MVP

My bad.

This week’s MVP

London Sucks

The final four is Flex Pack versus the Little People – Chi Chi and Sinister. Why wouldn’t 12p feel confident?

Production decides there will be no more (lame) challenges (pilfered from Rock of Love). Instead there’s going to be two threesome dates featuring a boy from each divide.

Oh the tension!

First up is Flex and Chi Chi. The date is in the desert (pilfered from Rock of Love).

Flex recounts his war wounds from being in the house.

You signed the waiver.

Back at the mansion 12p plays Sinister like a discount Wii.

When the threesome get back from their date –

Sinister might be playing a little game

so I don’t blame the guy. I still love him.

It doesn’t bother me.”

12p and Sinister get the arse end of the day.

This is where 12p earns his stipend; Sinister calls him ‘Dave’. A mini-conversation about their real names ensues. (What’s Daisy’s?) Sinister’s name is Derek.

12p:I thought it was Joshua Lee.”

Like a badly placed product and a smile.

Pass the liquor.”

Sinister tries his luck.

Some guys got it. Some just don’t.”

He escorts his celebreality meal ticket through the house to her bedroom. But…

Someone take the tattoos off this boy and put him in a tutu.

Nothing’s stopping 12p.

Chi Chi wants to talk to her after 12p’s done.

Chi Chi. Women want to cuddle after 12p’s done.

The next morning 12p declares himself season winner to the mirror. To be fair he’s been doing that since INY.

The Rat needs a reason to be on this show. He’s going to pick the winner. Now TFi is not inferring the Ratman is gay. Anyone who dated a porn star is too trashy to be gay.

Janine was cute in the 90s

Here’s the Rat pick:

London really must be homeless ‘cos he’s still wearing the same old’s hit.

Daisy starts overheating.

Lie to me.

But do it with sincerity.

- ‘Lie To Me’

Depeche Mode

Movies exist through the suspension of disbelief and television exists because families don’t want to interact with each other. If you know your wife is cheating you may not want to confront her ‘cos that could lead to divorce.

Vh1 have to explain this bulls hit somehow.

The truth of the matter is Daisy is not

really focussing on the other guys. She’s

thinking ‘if London was still here everything

would be perfect’. These guys are all second

fiddle to London.

I still think he’s the wrong choice for

Daisy. So I figure we bring London

back. Daisy figures there’s nothing to

this guy and then she’s going to notice

she does have some pretty good guys

right in front of her.”

Entertainment logic from the industry that brought you Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.

With the campaign over and the votes still being counted someone has to explain to the candidates that the election is null and void.

London’s left alone with “the firing squad”. Since they can’t beat the bleach out of him he should be alright.

London coming back into this place has

just turned it upside down. London – he’s

a quitter. We’re going to break him down.

Make him quit again.”

…If Daisy likes him I support her in all

her decisions.

Chi Chi should audition for Megan’s new show. He could be the track ho to Brandy C’s bottom bitch.

The eliminations

With London standing apart from the line it’s safe to assume for him it’s an induction.

When a girl says “You’re a good friend…

So it’s the final four.


If they bring anyone else back I’m going to stop these recaps.


Next time on Daisy of Love:

An ex-girlfriend is a why girlfriend.

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