Friday, 10 July 2009

Big Brother 10 UK Day 35

Marcus Charlie Dogface Halfwit and Kris face eviction tonight.

My money’s on Marcus because as far as Noirin goes he’s the new Sree.

Day 35

Marcus and Kris discuss who’s going tonight. The consensus is anyone.

Marcus: They might think Sophie’s boring or something.

Kris: Yeah. Might think Soph hasn’t really done a lot.

Idle chatter.

The shopping task is in its second and final day. The theme is circus and these clowns fail miserably. Hungry bellies make good TV if you’re a Channel 4 exec. Expect the rows next week.

This week is not over.

In the bedroom Marcus asks Noirin who she thinks will go. It’s clearly playing on his mind. Noirin doesn’t know. That’s a cop out. She asks him who he thinks will go. Wow. Noirin. No balls no backbone.

Marcus thinks it’s between him, Halfwit and Kris (I think it’s between Marcus and Sophie – good looking girls never stand a chance in eviction votes but this time I think Marcus will pip her).

Noirin agrees. She thinks Sophie and Charlie will be fine. The beautiful Dublin is a fence sitter. Sophie however is appalled. Not Kris? Marcus isn’t sure about Sophie being ‘fine’.

Marcus: “They might think that she’s quiet hey? ‘Cos that’s what Kris said earlier on.”

He’s unconsciously playing devil’s advocate. His point s no one’s safe.

Sophie is well upset at being ‘quiet’. That’s a euphemism for boring. She whines to Karly and Rodrigo. Karly predicts it’ll be Marcus gone. She don’t like him for nowt.

Later Sophie whines to boyfriend Kris.

Kris: “I’ve never said that.”

Lisa spits venom at the absent Marcus. It prompts Sophie to go ‘northern’ and confront Marcus in the kitchen.

It’s sort of like an ambush. Marcus says he didn’t say it. Kris comes in and also denies it.

Lads you both said it.

I don’t believe either of them are lying – they don’t remember is all. Marcus takes a backstep and concedes he might have said it. Good move to keep the peace; bad move strategically. If he’s in the house Saturday morning he’s up for nomination (again) next week.

Evening falls and Siavash, Marcus, Halfwit and Noirin eat and chat. Marcus talks about the two groups in the house. Fence sitter Noirin is what the American reality shows call a floater. She floats from one group to the other. The boys point this out to her. She claims she’s friends with all housemates.

When there’s a war you pick a gun and you pick a side.

By night time a token is exchanged for booze and tongues are loosed. Siavash tells Noirin that Karly and Kris call her ‘rabbit’ – she hops from group to group. Freddy and Marcus have never heard this. Marcus however thinks that the slur came from ‘another source’.

Noirin is upset. She should be. No one likes being slagged off behind one’s back. She confronts the ‘other group’.

They look astounded.

Cue huge row.

Siavash comes in and row gets loud.

It was supposed to be a confidential conversation Noirin.

Siavash lies that he said it then threatens to out Noirin re the things she has said. She calls his bluff. He refuses – due to his morals. Charlie tells him to out her – if he can.

Everyone is yelling.

Rodrigo stays out of it – in disgust.

Marcus stays out of it in disgust at Noirin for betraying Siavash’s confidence.

Freddy yells at Noirin for doing so.

Lisa keeps quiet.

Siavash is getting nominated next week.

Noirin is now firmly with the ‘other group’. It looks to me like Marcus and co tried to recruit her and she sold them down the river. Funnily enough this row might save Marcus. The public may view Lisa’s gang as bullies. I don’t. I think Marcus’ lot miscalculated and I think Noirin’s a dumbo coward. She may be part of Lisa’s gang but she’s the runt of the litter. In Marcus’ gang he would have protected her.

In this show was won on merit this show would be won already.

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