Thursday, 7 May 2009

I Love Money 214


My apologies to all for the late posting. In view of that this week’s MVP is hardly a spoiler.

Morning sees Tailor Made and Myammee reflective Prancer determined but isolated while It

He comes out of his closet.

I don’t think people realise how smart

I am. My strategy is to let people

underestimate me. And it’s been working.”


Ricky Robot called it. I’ve been had. Bamboozled. Conned. Played. Punked. Swerved. By an It.

Is he a super genius? Impossible. It must be a Vh1 plant.

Saaphyri do something!

In this penultimate challenge Craig announces the winner will paymaster the final elimination later tonight – while the dead last loser will be voided on the spot!


How the mighty fall. How anti-climatic. She deserves better. Like parole.

You are a competitor. You’re strong. You went far,” says Craig showing the world why he’s a premier league game show host.

Saaphyri betrays herself. With her game over the TV character is dropped and the lady wishes much luck to all and may the best wo/man win.

You are a celebreality star. Later ma.

The power outing is a night time sit down meal at the mansion. It’s appropriate. It’s the precursor to the last elimination.

Maybe Myammee has learnt from the last time she was paymaster. Maybe she doesn’t have to fight with anyone this time around.

They’re ganging up against Prancer and she’s run out of rabbis.

Myammee wants to know what he’s still doing here.

The eliminations.

I can’t think of a single instance when there wasn’t a safe card.

Now the choice: Myammee is about to be responsible for derailing another human being’s gravy train dreams.

I’m sorry It. You do not deserve the money.”

You haven’t worked hard like Prancer has.

She might need the money more.

It. You can’t see It. You can’t run you

can’t jump you can’t do nothing.”

Just for those reasons I’m a give you

your cheque.”

Cry baby Prancer bitches about how Myammee wants to compete against ‘weak’ people. Where were you last week Prancer?

Isn’t it human how a character portrait can tarnish a picture of beauty?

The final day. The final three. The Tailor MadeMyammee partnership worked a treat. The It strategy worked a treat…

My grandfather died like before

I was even born.”

It confirms he’s a lying bastard. He confesses he’s really superman and he’s going to embarrass them and win the whole damn thing.

Remember when George W was declared winner of the 2000 election?

Craig’s waiting.

The finals will be an amalgamation of a variety of this season’s challenges.

From Gold Diggers -

Disadvantage Myammee – she’s a girl.

It the duplicitous takes the lead.

These guys are dumb. Like they don’t realise I’m

smarter than them. That I actually can really

see and I’m going to kick their asses today.”

Fair play. I put my hands up. You got me It. I concede.

Can’t run. Can’t see. Aw I was full of –It man.”

I knew it! It you lying bastard. You and Ricky Robot had me going there.

Lest we forget there are some people trying to win $¼million. The next challenge is Hang On Flav. Advantage Tailor Made.

Next challenge is on terra firma – Fire and Ice. Tailor Made gets there first.

Advantage Myammee.

There's a combination challenge of Iron Boob and Under The Bus. On water. Uh-ho. Myammee is in the lead but what about her weave?

Take a boat trip to the mansion.

Last hurdle is like last season – a puzzle.

Here comes Tailor Made.

Too late.

That’s what you look like when you win $¼million.

That’s what you look like when you don’t give an It.

TFi: It’s been three months of the best show on TV and I’m sorry it’s over. Thank you everyone for watching and reading with me: Charles da Puerto Rican TvSnark Pocketeer Steinar Walt Miss Michele Angelina Lamaworks and most especially Ricky Robot and Lex.

I’m going to post a recap of the whole series on Saturday 9th May. The theme is MVP to dead last loser in ascending order. Feel free to comment your nominations. You might change my opinion but you won’t change the facts.

Next week on I Love Money 2:

The reunion show. Ah. Buddha.

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