Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Daisy of Love 102


The word ‘mad’ as used by the English can mean extrovert enthusiastic unconventional. Or clinically insane.

This week’s MVP. This week it’s not a good thing.

Breakfast is a good time to start.

A reality show has to have some sort of structure otherwise it’d be called My Super Sweet Sixteen. Ergo the Rat gathers the rockers for a task - something involving opening up your heart to Daisy.

Aww. Chi Chi starts to cry.

TFi disclaimer; being British the cultural significance of this is lost on me. In my milieu crying means either your football team lost or your girlfriend got pregnant.

This guy manages to flip off everyone off before the task.

As well as during.

Flipper’s party trick was a rap which put the boys on blast. Everyone thinks he’s an ass and now the die is cast.

These guys won.

These guys didn’t.

On Daisy of Love that means detention. Start your engines.

Crash the car.

This is why the talented don’t do reality. 51 Minds thought it would be funny to take a bunch of he-rockers and have them molest senior citizens.

What goes on in your grandma’s mind?

Night time means (more) booze time. Will all rise for the people’s court:

Now then Flipper time to answer for your anti-social behaviour.

Flipper looks around and he sees a
whole lot of dudes that would beat
him senseless. So he calls out on
the one dude who he knows
would never do anything.”
More fool him.

He’s not done.

He’s done now.

That’s a “twisted mind” according to Weasel. How about a twisted 51 Minds? Expect to see Flipper in From G’s To Gents Huatulco Mexico coming soon via hp HDTV.

The team rally behind Cable Guy which is good to see. Shame real life isn’t like that.

After all the excitement a drunken Brooklyn needs a little loving.

TFi sidebar: Have you ever made a post night-out phone call? It’s a guaranteed regret-in-life.

Brooklyn wakes up his girlfriend and tells her he’s on TV. The sleep goes out of her voice as she realises he made the show.

You make out with anybody – It’s over.”

She screeches and bitches and I can’t wait to see her at the Meet The Exes episode. Brooklyn hangs up.

Which would have worked in 1989. Now thanks to Caller ID…

Chris has a girlfriend.”

The word ‘mad’ as used by the English can also mean a pissed off girlfriend.

Morning comes and Daisy has a date. With 3 boys and London the granny stripper.

It’s surf time and these hinterland rockers have never surfed. Weasel has. ‘Cos he’s a dude.

Time to eat.

Weasel’s a surfer hippie kind of cat. The corporation burnt him out and now he lives to enjoy what’s left.

Can we get some Jack Daniels
up in this bitch?

The drive back siphons the testosterone and the men become bitches.

Talk yourself out of that one Brooklyn.

Oh wait. Remember RoL2?

It’s like déjà vu all over again. Why on earth go on TV and portray yourself as a hypocrite? On your own show?

The eliminations

Daisy's no hypocrite. So Brooklyn doesn’t have to talk himself out of anything. He didn’t have the skills anyway.

Later dude.

Here was a Weasel with nothing to prove who wondered if he could get some Jack Daniels in this bitch.

Hey man fancy competing for $¼million? In Mexico post swine flu? Hot chicks in bikinis?.. All you can drink buffet?


As for the Professor – there’s no substitute for boredom.

This could be paintball. Or the new world order.

TFi postscript: If Daisy wants to be a star she’d better rev it up. At this point in I Love New York Tiffany owned her show.

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