Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Love Money 213

Vive La Frenchie

She has no natural enemies. Her sex is the majority. She’s not the weakest physically and her social game is the best. She’s a former paymaster which means she can bring it.

Oh and she can’t speak English.

This weeks MVP.

Tailor Made and Myammee are a twosome the way Saaphyri and Frenchie are a twosome.

All else is It.

Right now I don’t have an alliance

with anybody. I’m in this game

playing for me.”

Following last weeks vote Saaphyri has purchased Prancer’s gratitude. Everyone else thinks she’s a bitch.

On the domestic front Saaphyri bosses It around the bedroom; he has to make his own bed put his clothes away wipe his own arse. Saaphyri dear you can’t have your cake and eat It.

The challenge might as well have been cherry picked by Prancer.

She wants a bigger frontage – so she wins it.

51 Minds throws a curve ball: Craig announces that eliminations are tonight!

They’re usually the following night. This means the campers have a day less to scheme.

All else is It.

Sometimes I think he’s impartial (sic).

Then other times my mind start

thinking he be like he can’t be

that dumb – he’s actually plotting.”

The (early) vault.

Craig reminds everyone who the dead last loser is and It starts laughing. Is it a case of the giggles? Craig asks him if he’s “back to back” which I initially take as Americanism for ‘incurably mad’.

You back to back? Dead last loser?

I was wrong. Shame. But It is incurably mad.

Who wants to vote for Frenchie?

Who wants to vote for Saaphyri?

You see what happens Saaphyri when you bully a guy (I’m assuming Its vote was spiteful)?

Frenchie is shocked It turned on Saaphyri. So is Saaphyri. So am I. Though I’m not as upset as Frenchie.

No one should ever trust Prancer especially the random rich man who’ll end up marrying her. If Frenchie quits regardless of who takes in her place in the box Saaphyri and It are still targets.

Advantage Prancer.

This is the reason why Saaphyri won Charm School and is hated/loved/feared in Huatulco.

Frenchie will stay and fight on! Isn’t it amazing how Vh1 can change a whole country’s reputation?

Frenchie has her Austerlitz speech to deliver.

Fun power outing at a golf course yo but let’s eat. Let’s talk about a quarter million dollars.

Its goofball rambling can come across as charming. He’s outstayed Prancer’s welcome.

Angelique abandons gameplay and declares to Prancer that they are physical equals.

Athletic equals.

Frenchie’s suggestion: Isn’t it time all the girls rally and exercise pussy power? Get rid of the boys!

She saved Prancer last week so Saaphyri’s got the safe card but that doesn’t shut her up. Being an effortless man-hater she can’t resist pussy power. It was her original idea though less eloquently put. She jumps on that bandwagon and throws the traitor It under the bus.

Even a dunce knows when it’s time to sweat.


Remember the last time Prancer was paymaster? She’s a cute looking girl. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt she’s hardcore. Remember how she spoke to MILF? She’s speaking the same way to It.

She calls him out as a floater a flip flopper and for faking weakness.


MILF got evicted that night.

It’s 1on1 time.

They iron out their differences. They’ve never talked game to each other. Why the chasm?

Frenchie explains this is due to Prancer (and Cali) leaving the OGs and evicting MILF. Prancer explains she had no choice. Heat/Caliente was gunning for Cali (and by extension her).

It’s a civilised conversation in civilised tones and subtitles. You know why? Both girls are telling the truth.

Pussy power.

None of the girls want to compete against the boys in the physical finale. That would make sense except

The eliminations.

Each potential ¼millionaire is given a last chance to plead their case. Frenchie and Saaphyri reiterate their advantages.

Somewhere in America a village is missing It.

First cheque is no surprise.

Then Prancer shocks us all.

She’s not done. Remember when New York called Frank the Entertainer a ‘loser’?

They don’t respect you It. Congratulations. You’re well on the way to becoming a celebrity.

Whose moral compass is it anyway? Frenchie didn’t lie backstab or bully anyone in this game. She remained loyal to those who were loyal to her. What she offered Prancer was a contest – woman v woman.

I’ll keep It around because he’s blind he can’t

swim and he might really be that stupid.”

Frenchie’s a better woman than you are Prancer.

Au revoir.

Next week on I Love Money 2:

The (gasp) finale!

It comes too soon.

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