Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I Love Money 210

The 6-Pointer

In soccer three points are awarded to the winning side - nil points to the losers. If the two teams involved are on a more or less equal footing then the match becomes much more important. It is heralded as a 6-Pointer. Ie don't lose or your enemy gains the three points that were potentially yours. Put simply it is a must-win match.


210 is a must win episode.

This weeks MVP

Both sides are aware of the importance of the next challenge. Not only do they have to win (Paymaster) but they cannot lose – dead last is automatic box-filler.

Somebody tell It.

The challenge is bed-hopping and it's the most exciting one yet. It's even better in real life – but not on your own.In the words of Becky Buckwild "That's a man right there".And that's the dead last loser.

Sidebar: I love the way Prancer looks. Pre-op.To give you an idea of 20p's athletic prowess here are the challenge times.Threat? New York named him 20 Pack for a reason. That was the reason right? Right?

"If everything goes as planned 20 Pack's

paymaster victory is in vain. He's going

to have to send one of the members

of his own alliance home."

This is an Aesopian battle between the snake and the metrosexual.

The OG's need a strategy.They're already outnumbered and 20p can't vote. It's left to Queen Saaphyri to come up with a plan.Sex sells.But It isn't buying.It's left to Saaphyri to come up with a new plan – put It in the box. Because nothing smarts more in I$ than a Saaphyri scorned.

20p in his leadership role offers to host the summit.

"He has to be really stoopider than I thought

if he thinks I'm going to agree to this proposal."

It's the next morning when Buckwild decides to play her joker.Now we've seen Becky in vault action before. Ditto Saaphyri.

She's warming up with the lip chap. This should be good.

Craig stops the clock.

"What the hell. How he going to stop the time?"

That's not fair is it Saaphyri? There's only one thing left to do!

Fear and concern in the vault.

Here come the ambulancia people.

"Once I saw the needles I was fully recovered."

So back to the vault. And the clock.

"Unless we would have just shot everybody

else on the show me and Saaphyri were

in that box no matter what."

This power outing means the last meal for one of the OGs.

20p thinks he's Kofi Annan. He lets everyone tell him why they think they should stay. Saaphyri saved 20p in 209. Frenchie saved him in 207. Becky? She's Saaphyri's mate.


20p plays a power move (nice). He wants both Saaphyri and Becky Buckwild for the 1on1. Frenchie takes it well.

What's in it for 20p to keep the only twosome in the game intact? This is where the girls make a strategic error. They sell themselves as a power couple that could be more beneficial than the single Frenchie. If the threat is implied 20p ignores it. His reasoning is it's better to have the furies onside than have one of them gunning for him.

Back at the house and Tailor Made resumes his position as snake kingpin.

Frenchie hasn't offended anyone in the TMF. As for the other two the more hysterical one is Buckwild. Get rid.

In order to buttress his point he employs peer pressure.

The deal is get rid of Buckwild tonight and you get a pass next week. Saaphyri doesn't. So even if you (20p) become paymaster you will send her home.

Ingenious. Tailor Made is a snake kingpin.

It is time. The money grubbers are already past the half way mark to $¼million.

The first cheque goes to Becky Buckwild. As usual.

"Baby I'm sorry but your cheque has to

have a void on it."


This is what a bully looks like at comeuppance.

This is what she looks like whilst plotting.

"I wanted to fly up there like a witch. Choke him

drown him in the swimming pool. Take his

cheque void it stomp on it…" Blah blah blah.

With Saaphyri gunning for him Frenchie sexually harassing him and the TMF biding their time 20p has at least two more episodes of dim witted athletic prowess.

Okay. Maybe one.

Next week on I Love Money 2:

The TMF fall apart at the seams.

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