Friday, 11 September 2009

Face Lift

On 20th February I started writing Thrill Fiction.

My TFi baby step waddled in the path of Celebreality. As far as I am concerned Flavor of Love (FoL) was revolutionary television. If The Batchelor was cringe worthy then The Batchelor UK was sick bag filler. FoL brought the ha-ha back to what The Batchelor made pompous.

Remember Blind Date? This genre will always be popular even when it takes itself seriously. What was revolutionary was the stripped edifice of cultural etiquette - let’s see what happens when a bunch of girls (in a dorm-like situation) decide to fight for a well heeled man (allegedly). What was revolutionary was that it was majority black girls.

Black girls on TV? In the majority? I’ll watch it. I haven’t stopped. From FoL to I Love New York to I Love Money and everything in between. I Love Money 2 commenced and I couldn’t stop myself. Thrill Fiction was launched.

Initially TFi covered I Love Money 2 with future plans to always cover a Celebreality show. However residing in the UK made it a matter of availability and not choice. I would rather have posted Charm School 3 as opposed to Daisy of Love (in retrospect I would rather have covered my eyes). Then came the awaited Megan Wants a Millionaire.

I was intent on posting 103 but not after watching the episode again. Unlike 102 where Garth the Plumber took centre stage 103 centres around Ryan. There is no way I could not include him in the recap. There is no way I would include him in the recap. The sore is too fresh. The wound is not yet scarred.

I write Thrill Fiction from my own sensibility. The living should respect the dead. I do believe time is a healer (this I know, having been bereaved myself – live long enough it happens to us all). I do believe time has not yet passed. There is a fan base for Megan Wants a Millionaire. If they air it in the UK – VH1 or a buyer – or anywhere else then I will recap. Time considered.

It’s been 29 weeks and Thrill Fiction is without its flagship Celebreality source. I can’t get my cursor on Real Chance of Love 2 – in any case that ship is already sailing (I read Ricky’s robotics on Chance and Real. You should too). Ergo I’m expanding my remit.

I’ve experimented and played with topics other than Celebreality. Some of these are going to be regular features. I’ve reviewed one album now I intend to review more. The music press do a great job of covering the industry. Idol Worship will cover music you may not come across otherwise; the unsigned, the obscure, the forgotten, perhaps new, perhaps old. The manifesto is only the good stuff. The intent is to include downloads. If nothing else you’ll get to hear my tastes.

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by Shane over at Only Good Movies. Hey if he can do it why not? Miranda Write will be my interview spot – if anyone bothers to respond. I’ll be hounding musos, writers, bloggers and anyone I think is interesting enough to put me over. She doesn’t know it yet but there’s a girl called Jade who’s my intended first victim.

White Paper came about by the tragic death of Jasmine. I wanted to comment about it. I chatted to Ricky Sprague and decided to go ahead. I was happy with the result and response. Everyone’s got something to say and I’ve wanted to say about a lot of things. I’ll continue to do so but I’ll try to keep it entertainment related. If you want to read about the state of the nation click Naomi Wolf.

Re/Made is my successful comparison between horror films and their remakes. I’m going to add a sister column – Re/Made in the USA. It’ll do exactly what it says on the tin - horror films that were originally made outside America eg Japan, Korea, Spain and (gasp!) the UK. It’s time I posted that Wicker Man article.

I Ought to be in Pictures will continue as my musings on the movie industry. It’ll comprise mainly of reviews and sometimes my take on the celebrity and the business. As in why has Kate Beckinsale got a career?

Televised is my take on TV. Should I decide to comment on the contents of the box then that’s my forum to do so. Current targets would be True Blood and Big Brother US but to be honest neither show deserve my rants, rage or your time. Which doesn’t mean Survivor: Samoa and the Ultimate Fighter 10 are exempt. Read more Thrill Fiction.

So without a Celebreality weekly is TFi going to lose its own identity? In order not to answer that question I’m going to recap I Love Money 1. Yeah. Circumstances took ILM3 from us so I’m going to fill the autumn with the original. You’ll remember how to laugh again. Promise.

That’s the set up for the next few months ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to thank all for continuing to read TFi. I took an unscheduled break the last two weeks. It was alcohol induced. I was in no condition to perform.

Now the sun’s over. My words will keep you warm over the coming cold months and if you don’t live in a cold country put your head in the fridge. You’ll see what I mean.

New TV season: new tagline.

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