Saturday, 12 September 2009


A gift can be beautiful even when expected.

I wasn’t expecting Jade.

I bumped into her on MySpace™ while strolling off my usual path. The song I heard was Up & Out – it’s an infectious dance track. What made me listen was her voice; this is what Madonna tried to sound like in the 80s. Jade’s musical style may well be pianos and jazz guitars but her vocals are freestyle. Think Sa-Fire without the samplers. This is further evidenced in Take the Hit – another club track that would easily serve well on a movie; say something fast and furious aimed at the 25 year old club elite.

This kid could make it big.

Her secret weapon is the potency of her voice. I believed her in Drown Me Out. I believed the yearning, the urging, the sexuality. This is not to take away from the composition of the music. Clearly this band is serious about their output. Sometimes You Can’t Say It has an almost Carpenters tinkle. Believe me that’s not a bad thing.

Whether she makes it big or not is dependant on an industry looking for the next American Idol. Outside of the mainstream life goes on; parties, clubs, music, gigs. Her career could last forever with or without the industry. I’d pay to listen. I’d pay to see her sing.

A gift can be beautiful even when it’s a free download.

Prove me right when you release your first album Jade.

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