Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010] Clip

This clip displays the film in its glorious budget. Director Samuel Bayer is a veteran of music videos so the look of the movie was never going to come into question. The question is mise-en-scène: What is the purpose of the content within the frame? Is there a point to it or was it so photographed because the director thinks it looks 'cool'?

The difference between a feature director and a music video director is that the former has to tell a story sans dialogue - the way a single snapshot does. The later uses imagery to sell a product: a music video director shoots (pretty) images with no context. 

The good news is this scene is not lifted from the original. We'll see how it fits in overall. It starts well with Nancy realizing she's in a (micro-nap?) dream. Freddy appears in long shot. Yes - his gait and full frontal look is menacing. I have no issue any longer with showing his full face. What concerns me are the flashes between dream and reality. Not content with a stalk-slash-kill scene Bayer inserts the characters actions in the conscious world. So who's knocking the product of the shelves?

Wes Craven's nightmare world does not work this way. An invisible Freddy does not stalk the Elm Street kids in the real world - it's in their sleep. Even when they're kicking and screaming there is no correlation in the real world: they're fast asleep.

So why insert the flashes? It looks 'cool'. Apparently. 

Pretty images with no context. On 30th April the rationale will be revealed.

Or not.

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