Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010] 3rd Clip

Here’s a third clip courtesy of ShockTilYouDrop:
There’s been a lot of web talk about this incarnation of Freddy being a child molester. This clip certainly leans towards that possibility in the script. As hard as it is to judge a performance in a clip of a scene the actor’s lot means they have to be on point at all times. We the viewer have paid to see that type of brilliance on many occasion; Denzel Washington in Training Day, Al Pacino in The Godfather, Charlie Sheen in Platoon. There are thankfully too many to mention.

In this clip actor Rooney Mara – the new Nancy - fails woefully. Although she knows she’s in a dream there is no sense of panic bubbling under her self control. When Freddy goads his true self to her Mara does not project recognition. Her delivery is all one tone.

I said ‘no more’.”
Nancy Holbrook

Shouldn’t that be said with anguish? Or fright, hatred, terror, fury, disgust, self-disgust? All of the above as opposed to none? Shouldn’t she plead or admonish? Alas Mara recites lines.

Yes you did. In your dreams.”
Freddy Krueger

Krueger’s response is a taunt. It’s mocking her helplessness – then and now. It is also suggestive of collusion – this would be Freddy’s dream.

The artist is his own best censor. Paedophilia is unnatural. It is a subject the writer (and other artists) should approach with extreme caution. So too should an audience. If the rumours are true and this Freddy is a paedophiliac the question is why?

The premise of the previous eight movies is that he was a child killer. Most people can draw their own conclusions from that (if it is left unsaid it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true). This is how art works.

Propaganda, pornography, sensationalism are not art. Paedophilia for shock value is not realism. Paedophilia for entertainment should be subject to censor. It should be banned. Failing legislation the audience should vote at the box office.

If executions were broadcast live on the evening news it would do wonders for their ratings.

It’s my world.

I don’t want to jump the gun. I will wait until opening night and see for myself. I will write my mind online when I compare the original and remake in my Re/Made series.

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