Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010] Clip 2

This clip shows Dean – formerly Rod Lane – wandering in the kitchen of a diner. It’s a well structured scene with a good boo! moment but the soundtrack detracts from the suspense.

The biggest gripe is at the beginning of the clip: the edges of the frame are blurred - Dean’s point-of-view is tunnelled. There shouldn’t be an alert that we’re in a dream otherwise the audience is ahead of the characters. The net effect of that is to diffuse tension and sympathy. The Johnny Depp death had no preamble or hint. That’s one of the reasons why his demise endures.

Let the kids wake into the dreamscape at their peril. Let the audience discover what’s going on to our horror.

In good news actor Kellan Lutz is the second sight of good performance. In those 50 seconds his caution, fear and disorientation are palpable.

Eight days left.

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