Sunday, 25 October 2009

I Love Money 106

The Stallionaires are on vacation in Huatulco, Mexico. The Gold Team girls want to be their friends and even a stint in the strong box is just a jolly day out.

What could go wrong?

This week's MVP

Behold the Hauserman.

Girls Love Money Too

Megan surveys the gameshow’s landscape and decides to scramble before the challenge.

I came up with this great plan to

stay in the game.”

She recruits Toastee and Pumkin into a four girl core alliance.

A secret four-girl alliance.

It’s a hard call here because I don’t

like Megan.

Neither does Pumkin.

Megan is very manipulative and I do not

think I can trust her. But me and Toastee

are tight and if we need to use her we will.”

It’s that time to choose new team captains. Brandi C hasn’t been captain before so the Greens choose their most pathetic weakest player.

Over confident or game over?

The Gold girls choose Pumkin. 12p, Heather and The Entertainer think it’s a team decision.


Game over. Green Team lose. Again.

Yeah we lost. Hopefully it shouldn’t

matter. Right now our alliance is

untouchable. Brandi C. Megan:

one of them got to go.”

Scrambling is always better when you're one step ahead.

Me and Brandi will probably be in the

box but one of the boys will have

to be in there too.”

I think Megan is a conniving bitch. But

strategically it might be better to

eliminate one of the boys.”

(The next day) inside the vault. Brandi C knows the drill.

We do this everyday. We go to a challenge.

We lose. We wake up the next morning.

We go to the vault. Three people go in

the box and it’s usually me.”

Who else?

Being that I’m such a big target and I’ve

always been public enemy number

one I can’t be in that box.”

They're going nowhere slowly. So with 10 minutes left Chance decides to roll call.

Chance: “Who wants Brandi C in the box?

Chance: “Who wants Megan?

Then me and Brandi pick you.”


Or not?

See most of the Gold Team loves me.

We have fun. We drink. And they

really can’t stand Megan.”

Craig calls in Gold Team and lets them know who’s on the chopping block.

Megan? Come on. I wanted Whiteboy

in the box. I don’t understand how this

kid keeps skipping the box especially

when there’s two brothers on the team.”


We trust Pumkin. Everything’s cool.”

He could be right.

Pumkin thinks if she sends home Chance

that she’ll be the number one target for turning

on them and they’ll get her out of here next.

I think I’m going home tonight.

The power outing’s at a spa. Bonanza for the girls.

I don’t really know why Chance is in such

a bad mood but he’s not saving himself

by being rude to everybody.”

Chance? Save himself?

The pampering over it’s time to eat and beg.

I’m not here to butter you up Pumkin man.

I thought we were already seeing eye to eye.”

Chance you forgot about the Megan factor.

Megan: “Shut the Chance up.”

She picks a fight with Chance at the dinner table. That’s not hard to do by the way. You could pick a fight with Chance in an isolation tank.

I really want to talk to Pumkin alone because

Chance – I don’t want him to hear

my master plan.”

Chance can’t hear anything right now.

I almost gave the code word. If I had a

phone I would have said, ‘Whiteboy drown

the pooch. We are on the way back. I want

a dead pooch floating on our arrival.

Drown that pooch’.”

Megan gets her mastermind time.

I did kind of want to talk to her a little more

one-on-one because I’m kinda starting to

warm up to the idea of being in an

alliance with them.”

Megan goes to work. She buries Chance – “the way he treats us - like garbage – is the way he’ll treat you” and strokes Pumkin – “if that means you want us to throw the next challenge then we will”.

Megan actually makes a good point. But it

could become a problem later on because

she’s definitely such a back stabber.”

Back at the mansion Chance frets to Whiteboy. Hoopz pledges her allegiance to the Stallionaires.

As does Toastee.

The eliminations

You know at first it was really scary. Now

I kinda got it down. I’m hoping that since

I’ve been saved three times – twice,

wait. Is this my fourth time?

Craig wants to know Pumkin – who gets the first cheque?

Pumkin gives the first cheque to Brandi C.

Cool. But why the hell am I still here? I feel

like I’m supposed to be the first cheque given.”

See on the power outing me and Pumkin

made a deal. I am scared Pumkin’s not

going to stick with it ‘cos she’s so

scared of everybody else.”

Part of me thinks Megan should go home

tonight because I can’t stand her.”

Saggy boobs suck.”

But part of me thinks that Chance should

go home tonight because he is part of

the strongest alliance in the house.”

Craig wants to know.

Pumkin: “Megan can you come here please.”

You what?

I eliminated Chance. Me. All on my own.

I eliminated a Stallionaire.”

For a split second I felt so powerful. But

then I became terrified.”

Pumkin’s definitely a target now. There’s

no doubt about that.”


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