Thursday, 23 December 2010

Red State trailer

Kevin Smith is a sub cultural chronicler not to be confused with Richard Linklater1. His generation – my generation – was confronted with the economic fact that we won’t have it as good as our parents did whilst we were still in school. Apathy became chic. The media called them slackers. Smith wrote films about them (ergo by definition he’s no slacker himself). He is their Pedro Almodovar2.

Like the aforementioned Linklater as Smith grew older he entered the mainstream. In February Warner Bros released Cop Out 2010 starring Bruce Willis. It was a disaster3. Smith’s new movie is Red State 2011. It’s a horror film.

Smith is not the first visitor to test our waters. Neil LaBute remade The Wicker Man 2006. It was a disaster4. Martin Scorcese adapted Shutter Island 2010. That was a box office hit. It was a narrative disaster. Horror is best left to those who know what others are scared to.

The trajectory of the film seems to be that of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974. The difference deduced from the trailer is the finger pointing is less subtle. Hollywood rages like the devil against certain demographics: black people. Christians.

I’m both.

Red State premieres January 23rd at the Sundance Film Festival. General release date is to be announced.

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