Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Forbidden House (Propriete Interdite) trailer

The pitch: a yuppie/bourgeois couple buy a house with status dreams of social mobility. The house turns against them. The house becomes their nightmare. Lesson learned: don’t be a yuppie.

This concept (or variants thereof) can be filmed as drama (Heartburn 1986), comedy (The Money Pit 1986), or thriller (Pacific Heights 1990). It is best served as horror (Black Christmas 1974, Ils 2006, The Strangers 2008, The Amityville Horror 1979/2005).

Each country has its own culture which defines its films. The French are the purveyors of cinéma vérité. Note how lead actress Valerie Bonneton performs with lack of self awareness. This is not Liv Tyler looking cute for the cameras. 

Fear is always ugly.
Forbidden House is released in France today. No future word on its UK or North American release schedule but this is one to keep an eye open for hopefully in 2011.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the share of their exclusive content.
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