Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Doomsday Book [teaser trailer]

The J-Horror1 remake fad is dead in Hollywood.

Now that the yankee carpetbagger is looking elsewhere to plunder the genre can progress in its own direction and at its own pace.

1 Here at Thrill Fiction J-Horror is a catchphrase for Asian cinema. This includes but is not exclusive to Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia and South Korea. It does not include Bollywood as that is its own category.

Doomsday Book 2012 is not based on the land survey of England of 10862. Nor is it based on the British scifi novel published in 19923. The forthcoming film is an anthology of three stories; two directors.

Jee-woo Kim is best known to Westerners for A Tale of Two Sisters 2003 and I Saw the Devil 2010. Both films were flawed beyond repair but therein remains a great filmmaker awaiting discipline. Pil-sung Yim directed Hansel & Gretel 2007 which I’m yet to see. IMDb scored it a 6.9.

So Doomsday Book has pedigree.
Doomsday Book is scheduled for a soft March release in Korea4. US and UK dates to be announced. Thrill Fiction would like to thank Dread Central for use of its exclusive content.

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3 Doomsday Book (novel) Worlds Without End
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