Friday, 3 February 2012

Coming Soon: Dark Circles

Thrill Fiction exists to celebrate horror film – and to showcase my talent. The genre lives beneath the Hollywood utopia and its sheep herded mass mainstream. Our living conditions are independent and one of those independents is After Dark Films1.

After Dark started out as a distributor. In 2006 they held the 8 Films to Die For festival which included the J-Horror Reincarnation. In 2007 8 Films became Horrorfest and ran until 2010. In 2011 they founded After Dark Originals and produced (and released) 8 films. One of which was Husk. In 2012 there is After Dark Originals 2.

They begin with Dark Circles.

Press release (edit) below:

Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2012) – With the success of the After Dark Films Horrorfest "8 Films To Die For" brand, and the unanimous success of the first installment of After Dark Originals (ADO), ADF, in conjunction with Lionsgate and IM Global, is proud to announce that they will be bringing another set of 8 terrorizing films to theaters in 2012 -- After Dark Originals 2 (ADO2).
We’re very proud of this new line of horror films and DARK CIRCLES is the perfect film to set the tone for our ‘newest brand of fear’.”
-Courtney Solomon, CEO of After Dark Films

After Dark Films kicks off After Dark Originals 2 with its first chilling feature of the new series that will send shivers down your spine.

Written and directed by Writer-Director Paul Soter (of Broken Lizard infamy, the team behind CLUB DREAD, SUPER TROOPERS and BEERFEST) and starring Pell James (The Lincoln Lawyer) and Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do), will have its blood-curdling theatrical release in 2012. 
Hopefully this will serve as some kind of cinematic equivalent of birth control.” - Paul Soter, Writer/Director of Dark Circles
Thrill Fiction congratulates CEO Courtney Solomon and the After Dark Film crew for services rendered to the horror genre.

Those people in Hollywood; they should be scared of you.

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