Monday, 24 October 2011

Hostel 3 trailer

Saw 2004 is great entertainment. It’s a puzzle film similar to the likes of Se7en 1995 and Cube 1997. The Saw impact was such that it spawned a franchise and popularised a subgenre.

The once popular subgenre torture porn is dead.

Hostel 2005 is a good film. The torture porn label is accurate but the criticism is unjustified. All a genre film has to do is hit those perfect beats and then add flavouring. Hostel achieves this thus making the film palatable to discerning genre fans. Hostel 2 starring Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips was a cash grab piece of trash.

Where will Hostel 3 fit in this? Its subgenre is dead and a belated sequel always sounds like a belated cash grab. Creator Eli Roth has no input in this instalment for better or worse.

The Wrong Turn franchise has a life on Straight-to-DVD. The first the first two sequels were better than they ought to have been (Wrong Turn 4 2011 is worse than imaginable). As such there is hope for Hostel 3.

Hostel 3 is released on DVD 27th December in the US. Thrill Fiction would like to thank Bloody Disgusting for use of their exclusive content.

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