Saturday, 19 February 2011

We Are What We Are [international & domestic trailers]

The Horrorfolk crave originality. Due to its infinite possibilities the horror genre is best placed to deliver the original. Regardless of the inspiration Freddy Krueger is an original. As is Pinhead and the Candyman. The Horrorfolk also crave original takes on familiar material; Let the Right One In 2009 is beloved amongst fanboys as well as the critical mainstream.

Cannibalism has got to be one of the most horrific things human beings can do to each other. Horror films have never seriously told the story of the cannibal. To wit zombies are not human. Yet the mere mention of the word can create an icon – The Silence of the Lambs 1991. This is a well waiting to be tapped.

Perhaps that well has now been tapped: Perhaps We Are What We Are 2011 will delve into the psychosis of perversion that can make a human being turn on another and devour at pleasure. This act of inhumanity that takes place outside of a war zone, a disaster zone or a famine; this is pure evil.

The Horrorfolk know that the best expectation for horror comes from abroad. Apart from the usual Hollywood reasons there is also an exoticism re foreign languages and cultures. They have folklore to share, mythos to explore. Even the mundane can be marvelled at.

There is a reason cannibalism has not been examined in horror. It is repugnant. It is anti-human. It is not something commercial cinema would dare take seriously. It is the subject of We Are What We Are.
It helps there’s a hot chick in the cast.
We Are What We Are is available in the US from 23rd February via Video On Demand. Thrill Fiction would like to thank Bloody Disgusting and Spike TV for use of their exclusive content.

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