Saturday, 19 February 2011

Apollo 18 [trailer]

Some films tick all the boxes – or at least they promise to.

Apollo 18 2011 fills its trailer with such promise. If anything it over delivers. The premise is in the tagline. The story is culled from historical events. The trailer builds the setup. It even reveals the monster.

Does it reveal the monster in its entirety?

Some have likened this trailer (film unseen) to Alien 1979. To have that impact the actors will have to carry more than the weight of their words. If so then I will compare Apollo 18 to the forthcoming The Thing 2011. That’s the movie I want to see this year.

Judging from the trailer Apollo 18 is the must-see movie of the year.

Mark out.
Ignore the date on the poster. Apollo 18 opens in the US on 22nd April.

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