Saturday, 2 June 2012

Deranged [trailer]

This year has seen zombies in World War 2 (War of the Dead) and the American Civil War (Exit Humanity). It has seen the US DVD premiere of The Dead 2011 (zombies in West Africa). They keep on coming. Will it all end with the big budget summer release of World War Z 2013 or will they be encouraged to a final solution?

In the 2000’s J-Horror meant a Japanese ghost story earmarked for Yankee remake. Here at Thrill Fiction the term is used as a catch-all for Asian horror films. It’s looking increasingly provincial and archaic because Deranged is a Korean zombie flick. It shares the premise of 28 Days Later 2002 but will it share the impact?

These zombies keep on coming. It is a war without end.

Deranged opens July in South Korea. It is awaiting release dates in the US and UK.

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