Sunday, 18 March 2012

Prometheus 2nd trailer

The Horror Folk claim Alien 1979 as their own as well they should. Previously in Thrill Fiction I have resisted in accepting Ridley Scott’s definitive work as horror. I have always referred to it as scifi but I wrong. It is one of the best horror films ever made.

The difference between it and Aliens 1986 is the definition of the series. One can shoehorn in Alien3 1992 but the good times for fanboys ended there – 20 years ago.

This summer the elderly Scott will attempt to end his career on a high note. Prometheus 2012 is an attempt to rescue the series from the 20th Century suits that commissioned Alien: Resurrection 1997 and the straight-toDVD caliber that followed.

In a previous vignette Guy Pearce proclaims mankind to be “the new gods”. It is profound. Ridley is aiming for scope. He is aiming for legend. He may well have created myth. He’s got some of the best non-American actors recognizable to Americans to participate. This could feel like fire from the cinema ‘gods’.

Prometheus 2012 may not be horror but it belongs to the Horror Folk as much as Alien does.
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