Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tobe Hooper's Djinn [trailer]

In word association for me ‘genie’ evokes Christina Aguilera.

We’re all of a certain time and place and age.

When I was a kid the word meant receiving something for nothing – but be careful what you wish for (Manchester City fc1). Due to the informative quality of horror movies westerners now know ‘genie’ is another word for ‘djinn’.

After the downfall of Muammar Kaddafi last year one piece of dirty linen was found in Hollywood. The dictator’s son Al-Saadi had invested $100million in a LA production company Natural Selection2. All bets are now off including purported films involving Mickey Rourke and Susan Sarandon’s daughter.

Tobe Hooper is a Horrormeister. He directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 and Poltergeist 1982. His new film Djinn 2012 has been the subject of speculation3 over the last few days. It is funded by an Arab production company – Imagenation Abu Dhabi. The speculation revolves around the portrayal of Arabs in the film thus its rumoured subsequent burial.

See what happens when you take dirty oil money?

The good news for Hooper is the rumours are (apparently) false.
The film will be released later this year. The cautious take is Tobe Hooper hasn’t made good since television’s Masters of Horror. The most recent output from those other Masters of Horror Wes Craven, John Carpenter and George A Romero have been atrocious.

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