Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Woman in Black (2nd teaser)

World Wrestling Entertainment held its annual SummerSlam pay-per-view last Sunday in Los Angeles. During the show one of the wrestlers ridiculed Cowboys & Aliens 2011 as being “overproduced overrated” and a “flop”.

In 50 years James Bond has created only one movie star; one man no woman. Daniel Craig’s career as a headliner is over the moment someone else wears his (borrowed) tuxedo. The James Bond franchise is the second most successful in the industry. Another British creation Harry Potter is the global benchmark.

Daniel Radcliffe played the eponymous hero. With the franchise over Radcliffe is going to have to start working for a living. The Woman in Black 2012 looks like work.
Despite the pushed back release date this film looks like one to wait for.

The Woman in Black is released 3rd February in the US and 10th February in the UK.

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