Friday, 15 July 2011

The Thing (prequel) trailer

What kind of a man chooses to work in the most isolated region on the planet? It is the same man who chooses to work in extreme weather conditions. Most men leave their families in the morning, sit in rush hour traffic to return in the evening. The former are doing their best not to be part of this world.

I have personal experience of working in an all male environment. There exists camaraderie, machismo, bullying, teasing, fighting, a macho hierarchy and war stories about women. It is not an environment for a (token) female.

Labourers, builders, fishermen, oil rig workers, mercenaries, politicians. If there are females within these gangs then they are no longer women. They have to adapt and transmogrify themselves into men. They have to become the most identifiable traits of the male; Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton. 

They are the anathema of femininity.

In an all-male environment everyone wants to be top dog. Everyone has to beat up someone else up. It’s not savagery; it is the pecking order. In The Thing 1982 MacReady had to fight – and kill – to give out orders. In this trailer all Mary Elizabeth Winstead has to do is raise her voice to instil a hen pecking order. 

Not surprisingly the screenplay is from the man who wrote the worst film of 2010.

I can believe in things and aliens – if only for 90 minutes. I refuse to believe a slip of a girl can tell a bunch of socially maladjusted roughnecks trying to escape the world and its politically correct mores what to do. Chick can’t even do that in my local pub.

The filmmakers have failed to understand the allure of the original. It isn’t the monster and the special effects – it’s the men who had things happen to them.

The Thing opens 14th October in the US and UK.

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