Sunday, 23 January 2011

Insidious (teaser trailer & clip)

Saw 7 The Final Chapter 2010 is the epitaph of the franchise created by director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell. With worldwide revenues (box office and DVD sales) of over $1billion it can be assumed that both men have made bank from their creation. They continue their partnership but now they do not work for food.

The well fed artist can work for art or for prestige. Wan and Whannell can put Saw behind them and grow as artists or they can try to recreate their box office success with another franchise – for the prestige.

Demonic possession is a trending topic in horror releases. This current wave started with the phenomenal success of Paranormal Activity 2009. Said film pulverised Saw 6 at the franchise annual box office spot. Lesson learned. Wan and Whannell have made their ‘devil inside’ picture. The variant from the yardstick Exorcist 1973 is that the possessed is a little boy.

Saw 2004 was a great movie – the rest of the franchise not so much. Wan and Whannell may be one-trick ponies destined to be remembered as a pair of asses – or they may be growing artists.

Insidious is released 1st April.

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